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3 Essential Microsoft Office 365 Tools to Improve Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 is no longer a ‘nice to have’ system which unites all of the tools and applications your employees need in order to thrive in the workplace. In the midst of modern office culture, with remote working, virtual presentations, and cloud-based storage all very much a part of the current working world, Microsoft Office 365 pulls together the necessary tools that workers need to stay productive both in the office and at home.


And here are just three of the essential tools that you and your team could be using to optimise productivity on a daily basis.


Microsoft Teams



Teams first came to the attention of employers, businesses, and workplaces at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, when people were forced virtually overnight to work from home and access all their work and systems remotely. A simple to use tool whether or not you have been through formal Microsoft 365 training, Teams is essentially a networking app which lets contacts connect with each other via phone or video chat – sharing screens, files, ideas, and information as required.


Designed as part of the comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 package, the Teams app works in harmony and integrates with the system’s other applications for end-to-end office support onsite and at home.


Microsoft Word




We couldn’t talk about Microsoft office 365 tools and not discuss the foundation of the platform’s user base. Word is like the reliable notebook that you don’t even have to think about before opening. It has formed the starting point for endless novels, stories, and transformational essays, combining its user-friendly interface with integrated tools such as spell check and referencing systems, mail merge apps and more.


The chances are that everyone in your workplace will already be familiar with and use Microsoft Word as part of their daily work life – however, with the right training we have seen companies across all industries and sectors boost productivity and employee efficiency on the Word app tenfold.




Microsoft outlook


Microsoft’s answer to emails, Outlook is so much more than just an email inbox where you can check your incoming mail and monitor your email signature. Outlook has grown into an entire platform for communication – with a calendar, online versions of Microsoft’s core usability apps, and of course the ability to sign into a series of email addresses and accounts from Hotmail, Live, or Outlook itself.


A tool that is designed to bring together all your emails into one place for easy tracking, through our Microsoft 365 training we help you to identify the selling points and secret hacks of this email tool in a short 30-minute session.


Boost your company’s productivity


If you think that you and your team could benefit from Microsoft 365 training, Bigger Brains provides a number of courses and individual lessons designed for all user levels and abilities. Simply reach out to us for a tailored package quote, or explore the full range of courses available on our website. 

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