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Giving 100% to Training, Step-by-Step Breakdown

In the workplace, it is a good idea to understand how your employees prefer to be trained. While some businesses might prefer seminars or conferences, training your employees might be easier than you think! One of the most effective training guidelines is the 70:20:10 model. 


The first part of this model is 70%. This percentage shows that 70% of employee retention comes from hands-on experiences. Most employees enjoy hands-on training to learn materials because it requires them to apply critical thinking. While some people might memorize an answer and ace a quiz, physically doing the work requires employees to think through the process and apply what they have learned. Hands-on training is beneficial to apply critical thinking, and it is also a way for employees to receive immediate feedback. 

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The second part of this training model implies that 20% of employee retention comes from learning from others in the office. This type of learning could be collaborative learning, coaching, or mentoring. This type of training is an excellent way to help employees start thinking for themselves while also providing the reassurance of an experienced employee. 

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While some people may find this surprising, the 70:20:10 model claims that only 10% of employee retention comes from courseware instruction or other educational events. It is important to keep in mind that this model is aged and might not accurately reflect on the business and employees. 

A confrence

Overall, the 70:20:10 model in training has gained awareness over the past few years. Lots of businesses are focusing their time and money towards encouraging hands-on training in the workplace. This training model is an effective way to promote critical thinking and employee relations in the office. 

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