3 Unique Ways Bigger Brains can Ease Back To School Stress

With back-to-school shopping in the air, it can be overwhelming for people to balance work and family responsibilities. Though Bigger Brains might not help with familial stress, Brain Bites courses are filled with tips to ease your workload!  

Time Management  

Sometimes it may seem like time is the one thing people cannot get enough of. With project deadlines on the back of your mind and constant notifications to respond to, work-life can be pretty overwhelming. Combine this with the knowledge of time-sensitive home issues; people need a break!

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Thankfully, Bigger Brains offers just that! Brain Bites: Time Management is a course that provides six powerful tips to get more done during your day. With this course, people can learn to take back their 24 hours of the day with information that helps both at work AND at home.  

Office Organization  

While organization might not seem like it directly correlates to time management and a more manageable workload, it is more important than you think! Over the course of a day, how much time is spent looking for a file or trying to find forms? Unfortunately, the answer is about one to two hours per day!

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A simple solution to this common issue can be found in Brain Bites: Organizing Your Files. This course covers the benefits of having a clean and ordered office space and how to achieve it! From the best way to name files to the four rules of using folders, you will be an expert on office efficiency after this course.

Email Management  

Most people think of emails as something they absolutely must answer immediately. When those emails are coming from your boss, that might be the case, but most of the time, it is not the end of the world to wait to handle emails.   

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Brain Bites: Email Management is a fast-paced, information-rich course that is relevant no matter how long you’ve been in the workforce! Especially since the lockdown, people everywhere heavily turned to emails as a primary form of communication. Because these habits started within the past year, it is a good idea to break them before entering the rush of the holidays.  

As everyone enters the back-to-school rush, it is essential to do what you can to prioritize your mental health! Whether you implement these strategies at home or in the office, Bigger Brains has the tips to help relieve stress. If you are worried you might not have enough time to take these courses, fear not! Brain Bites courses are built of 5-minute video lessons making a 30-minute course. These micro-courses are perfectly designed to fit into your back-to-school rush!

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