How to Effectively Delegate in the Workplace

Ever feel like you simply have too much on your plate and need to learn how to effectively delegate responsibilities among your coworkers? If so, you share the same feelings as our character Brianca, CEO of her toy company “Play All Day” in our entertaining course Stronger Together – Delegation and Task Management.

Delegate Purposefully

Delegation should not be the action of simply offloading a task that you’ve procrastinated or do not want to do. In order for delegation to benefit you and your organization, it must be approached thoughtfully, keeping in mind each of your coworker’s strengths as well as your own. For each task, consider if it will suit the assigned person’s interests and merits. After delegating a task; however, it is not out of sight, out of mind!

Coach and Motivate

Once you’ve delegated a task, it’s important to still be present in the process. This includes establishing goals and expectations, being a good listener, and motivating your coworkers!

For successful delegation, you must be honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable. This will instill confidence in your team to approach you with questions.

Delegation is Collaborative

Delegation is more than just assigning tasks. It’s a form of collaboration and is an essential skill for an organization to master.

Remember to consider the strengths of your coworkers, hone your own motivating qualities, and remember delegation is an important part of teamwork.

Want to learn more about monitoring and supporting your team after delegation?

Characters Brianca and her coworkers become masters in delegation, task management, and communication to take their toy company “Play All Day” to new heights of success. Check out our course Stronger Together – Delegation and Task Management to learn to best support your team. The first lesson is available for free on our YouTube channel here! You can see today’s tips put into action at this adorable toy company and learn how effective delegation creates a lasting and beneficial impact on you and your organization.

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