How to Generate Authentic Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is something that every company should have as a priority. Without employees who are engaged in the company they work for, a business just exists. Disengaged employees complete the work assigned because they must, not because they are invested in the company. This attitude can be the downfall of a company, but with the right training materials, this problem can be fixed. 

Research has shown that employees who have access to current and updated eLearning videos experience higher employee engagement. This access helps employees learn and refresh knowledge at their own pace and stay invested in the material. Although eLearning material should be updated, it is not the only requirement needed to boost employee engagement. 

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Blended Approach 

It is no surprise that people learn and remember things in different ways. Some people may learn better by reading the information, while others need to hear it and write it down. There is no wrong way to learn or relearn information, it simply depends on the employee’s preferences. Because of this, it is important to listen to employees and choose an eLearning platform that will help the most.

Bigger Brains does an excellent job of creating a blended approach. Bigger Brains provides material in a teacher/learner format. This format helps simulate a classroom setting by having a teacher explain the material to the learner in the video. Hearing the learner ask questions and the teacher’s response helps viewers remember important information. 

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As the world moved online due to the pandemic, so did a lot of business functions, including training. Because of this shift, people are realizing that there is no need for lengthy videos, and convenience is a priority. This shift in trends is part of the reason Just-in-Time Training (JITT) is so popular right now. JITT allows employees to learn and refresh information in their own time. JITT removed the hassle of sitting through a 30-minute video just to re-learn a 5-minute topic. This trend allows employees to upskill in their own time, which means employees will grow in engagement with these topics. 

Similarly, to JITT, having training videos in a convenient place makes a significant difference in employee engagement. If an employee must access different websites and logins to watch a training video, they will be burnt out by the time they arrive. On the other hand, if training videos are in a convenient place, such as Microsoft Teams, employees will not see it as a hassle. Bigger Brain realized this issue and because of it, features all their courses on Microsoft Teams. 

Overall, there are many ways to increase employee engagement in the workplace. Thankfully, Bigger Brains provides an opportunity to act on them.

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