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3 Tools That Can Help Improve Internal Communication Within an Organization

Communicating internally within an organization has changed in the past years. Back when employees only worked inside the office, it was easier to call a group meeting and share important information. Now, with staff working from home and in the office, finding times to share information can be complicated. Whether your team is scattered around the world or in a community of cubicles, here are three tools that can help improve internal communication within an organization.


Microsoft Teams Intranet

An intranet is a local or private communications network. This tool is often used internally by teams to find information and communicate within an organization. Microsoft Teams has an intranet feature implemented within its software for company use. Using the Intranet provided through Microsoft Teams, you can browse resources, personalized content, and view the latest news within your organization. This is an excellent resource for teams and companies that cannot always meet communally. Having a place where employees can stay updated about relevant company information at any time is a massive step toward improving internal communication.

Digital Signage

Do you pass any billboards on your route to work? If so, test yourself to see if you can remember what those billboards are promoting. Whether it is the object of focus or not, everything we see in our day-to-day life is absorbed into our subconscious to be processed. Because there is so much available information for our brains to take in, sometimes background information is unconsciously processed without our knowledge. You can use this to your advantage by implementing digital signage within your office to promote internal communication.


Digital signage uses billboard marketing techniques using the technology available within an office. An example would be using a TV in the office lobby to promote relevant information to staff. Whether employees intentionally take this information in or subconsciously, having information displayed in a public area allows employees to absorb relevant information.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are the most helpful ways to improve internal communication. Collaboration tools can best be described as a way for multiple people to work on a document/project from different devices simultaneously. You can find excellent examples of collaboration tools in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. All of these software’s allow for files to be shared and used collaboratively. Users can create notes and message back and forth within a document, make edits, and review suggested modifications! These collaboration tools make it easier to work as a team and communicate in real-time regardless of where users are in the world.


Improve Internal Communication


Anyone can find these collaboration tools in most Microsoft software, making it the prime tool for improving internal communication within an organization. Whether you are familiar with Microsoft software or are just getting started using it, Bigger Brains provides Uniquely Engaging training that can have you working confidently in no time! Review our course, Microsoft Teams Fundamentals and Best Practices (2022), to get an overview of how you can use Microsoft software collaboratively.

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