Intro to Chromebooks: New Course Announcement

For those who need a reliable way to access the internet, a Chromebook may be the device for you! Chromebooks run on the Google operating system, Chrome OS; because of this, Windows and macOS programs will not work on these devices. Don’t let that turn you away! These devices are great for communicating through email and playing games through the Play Store. With the new Bigger Brains course, Intro to Chromebooks, you can confidently set up and navigate your device!

This course covers everything, including the basics of setting up a new Google account and logging in to Chromebooks. This course will help you effectively work with apps, extensions, and files! Teachers Chip and Andy will explain how to navigate the interface using the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen for those who have never used Chromebooks before. These devices have lots of potential for personal, school, or work purposes. Take advantage of this course and see how Bigger Brains can help you get started with your new Chromebook!

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