Intro to Microsoft 365 (2021): New Course Announcement

While many people dream of running their own businesses, that reality is more available than most realize! Learning these professional tools has never been easier with the new Bigger Brains course, Intro to Microsoft 365 (2021)

A computer on a desk that could run Microsoft 365 apps

Why Is Microsoft 365 Important?

Microsoft 365 contains the standards like WordExcel, and PowerPoint while also providing tools to help you keep secure, improve user productivity, chat with partners, collaborate with colleagues, and connect easily. This “Uniquely Engaging” TM course from Bigger Brains will explain what Microsoft 365 is and how to get started! 

With this new course, viewers will learn which plans, apps, and services are available. Additionally, this course covers crucial information about things you can do to make your work life easier and more productive! 

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