Managing Business Finance With QuickBooks

The growth of online tools and technology has expanded the potential, opportunity, and finesse of business operations across all levels – with QuickBooks being one example of an online tool that has taken the business accounting world by storm.
QuickBooks gives business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and established finance teams a central hub from which to manage all their financial income and expenses.
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But, as with any new tool or technology, navigating the move from self-managed accounting to a fully functioning software is not always easy. That’s why we are proud to offer a 56-lesson course which lets you learn QuickBooks, master the basics of the tool, and understand how its many features and functions can make your business operations easier.

The Benefits of Learning QuickBooks

QuickBooks is nothing new – in fact, it has been around for 28 years (in 2022) and so has a well-formed and established foundation from which it supports clients and businesses of all shapes and sizes.
What QuickBooks does is integrate with third party business tools and services – including the likes of Shopify, time tracking sheets, expense sheets, and CRM systems – and support the flow of money both coming into and flowing out of your business accounts.
Best of all, it provides various reports and reminders, as well as cash flow planners, to help you keep on top of your business as it moves, grows, and expands.
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How Bigger Brains can help you to learn QuickBooks

Our course, ‘Mastering QuickBooks Online – Basics’, is designed to introduce all the features of QuickBooks, not just showing you how to use them but ensuring that you also understand where each feature fits with the operational model and management of your business.
It is taught and presented by an experienced CPA and QuickBooks specialist, whose teaching style combines experience and expertise with a series of tips which allow you to tap into the various benefits of the tool and shape it around your business.
A teacher-learner style of course, designed for business owners and financial or accounting employees from both small and larger companies. The course contains topics which vary from navigating the platform and site itself, determining the best version and package of QuickBooks for your business, setting up and managing payments and PO’s (purchase orders), and how to work customer service into the financial arm of a business.
The lessons grow in complexity as you move through the program, with our advice being to follow them in order to ensure that you don’t miss any important information. By the end of the program, QuickBooks won’t just be a tool that you’ve heard advertised on social media and online – but a fully integrated part of your finance and accounting system within your business.
For more information on this course and to get started today, check out the course page on our website

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