Mastering Excel 365 – Beginner (2022): New Course Announcement

When you can efficiently use the world’s most popular tool for analyzing and reporting, you can do anything! Microsoft Excel lays the foundation for communicating data within the working world, no matter what field you specialize in. With the new Bigger Brains course, Mastering Excel 365 – Beginner (2022), you can successfully acquire one of the most practical and valuable skillsets in modern business!

A printed Excel 365 spreadsheet with a pen laying on top of it. One row is yellow and the rest are white/grey.

During this course, you will learn how to work wonders with your data, from organizing lists to creating charts and interactive reports. Additionally, this course will cover how to format data and sort and filter lists. By the completion of this course, you should be able to create and save workbooks and perform calculations confidently. If you have ever wished to be more fluent in Microsoft Excel 365, take advantage of this new course!

Watch the course sample below!

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