Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Intermediate (2022): New Course Announcement

When you create a PowerPoint presentation, do you spend too much time creating each slide? Do you often find your presentations have unclear messaging due to a lack of compelling visuals and graphics? Bigger Brains has the solution you need. Our new course Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Intermediate (2022), will help you deliver information in a captivating way!

In this course, you will learn the benefits of using comments to quickly and easily provide notes and feedback on a presentation. Throughout this course, you will learn how to modify charts to reflect the data you need to present. Additionally, you will understand how to modify tabs, line spacing, and paragraph spacing. As the course comes to completion, you should be confident in your ability to change slide designs and apply themes. Instead of presenting data and information in an organized manner, step-up your PowerPoint game with this new course! Join Bigger Brains as we power productivity one brain at a time!

Watch the course sample below! 

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