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Micro-Learning = Big Results

Time is one of the most precious things people have during a day. Do you want to waste it all on prolonged and excessive training materials? Of course not! Thankfully, Micro-Learning is the innovative new way to ensure employees retain the information provided! 

What is Micro-Learning?  

While bite-sized pieces of content that help learners focus and retain knowledge, might seem like Just-In-Time Training (JIT Training), Micro-Learning is something completely different. 

JIT Training focuses on easily accessible short courses, while Micro-Learning works in a more hands-on way. Mike Faber, director of learning and development at Fivetran, describes Micro-Learning as “rolling out activities every three to five minutes—whether it’s a chat, an exchange, poll, video—to enrich the learning experience.” 

Micro-Learning is something to use in eLearning courses and in-person training meetings. By breaking up the content into smaller portions with engaging tasks in-between, you can provide employees with time to process the information before moving onto the next topic. 

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Why is it Helpful? 

The reason why Micro-Learning is helpful is somewhat similar to why Gamification is effective. Both training processes encourage employees to engage with the material being taught. 

Additionally, people learn in different ways. While some employees might learn by listening to someone speak, others may need to interact with the content to grasp it fully. This is why it is crucial to get feedback from employees to understand how best to help them. 

Overall, there are many ways to make sure your employees are getting the most out of their training materials. Bigger Brains incorporates different aspects of Micro-Learning into their courses by adding features like multiple choice questions in-between course lessons.

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