Microsoft 365 for New Employees: New Course Announcement

If someone were to ask you what the benefits of Microsoft 365 are, would you be able to give them a precise answer? If you had to describe the uses of Microsoft Teams and OneDrive in Microsoft 365, would you even know where to start? Maybe you’ve never had an office job before, or perhaps you need a brief refresh. With this new Bigger Brains course, Microsoft 365 for New Employees, you’ll be able to answer these questions and many more with confidence!

A person smiling and laughing. This person  could benefit from Microsoft 365.

This course works to get users up to speed on Microsoft 365’s email, calendar, and file-sharing tools. Additionally, by the end of this course, you will be able to create automatic replies in outlook and personalized signatures. This course consists of lessons from our Mastering Microsoft 365 (2022) course, including topics to help those wanting to be more productive with email and other collaboration tools in Microsoft 365. If you think this information may benefit you, take advantage of this opportunity!

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