Mastering Visio Basics: New Course Announcement

So, your boss just asked you to create an organizational flow chart. Do you even know where to begin? If this is something you can relate to, don’t worry! Bigger Brains has all the information you need to impress your leaders and coworkers with your Microsoft Visio knowledge!

A person holding a tablet with a chart - similar to charts that can be made in Microsoft Visio

Why is Microsoft Visio Important?

Whether you use a preset template or start from scratch, Visio gives people the ability to document processes, keep track of employees, and more! Being able to document how things are done around the office is a valuable timesaver for businesses. With Visio, recording company standards is an enjoyable experience that can improve how things are done around the office.

With this new course, viewers will learn how to understand how to organize complex ideas visually. This course covers crucial information about Microsoft Visio, whether this means learning to use connectors or designing organizational flow charts.

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