Employee to Manager: Smoothing the Transition with New Manager Starter Kit

Have you just recently made the leap from employee to manager? Or are you looking to hone your leadership skills to show your supervisor you’re ready to take the next step? If so, this blog is for you!

Making a Manager

Making the jump from employee to manager is both exciting and challenging. The skills that got you the job aren’t the same skills that will help you succeed in management. It’s time to focus on developing the skills to communicate as a leader and to influence and coordinate employees in a way that empowers and motivates them. There are three categories of professional skills that we will look at in today’s tip: Technical, Human, and Conceptual Skills.

Technical Skills

These skills include performing the tasks, activities, and processes that are part of doing your job. Before mastering leadership skills, it’s important to first invest time in your technical skills to show your supervisor that you are proficient at the job asked of you. Chances are if you’re promoted to a managerial position, it’s because you showed excellence in your technical skills.

Human Skills

This includes communicating with, influencing, and coordinating employees. Without question, human skills set apart a leader. Our tip for the day comes from this important category.

When communicating with employees, acknowledge the different perspectives, personal values, and cultural diversity that make up your team. These differences are not to be viewed as discrepancies. A leader respects and listens to these unique perspectives because they bring value to the company. One of your responsibilities in a new managerial position might be handling interpersonal issues. If you approach any situation with respect for your employee’s views, you will make your team feel valued. Developing your human skills will help you to lead by example, work together with your employees to set goals, and enable your team to succeed.

Conceptual Skills

The last set of professional leadership skills are conceptual skills, which is understanding the relationship between the organization, its goals, and its objectives. If you want to master leadership, you must train your eye to see your organization’s big picture to understand its intricate objectives in relation to one another. At Bigger Brains, we recommend looking at your goals in correlation with the training your employees receive. In order to maximize the success of your team, your employees must have the training tools to succeed.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into strengthening your leadership in technical, human, or conceptual skills, our course New Manager Starter Kit includes 50 minutes of high-quality HD content across eight lessons with both instruction and fun vignettes to help you become an effective and empowering manager for your team.

Training Tools

At Bigger Brains, we’ve been studying how people learn. Do you want to know how you can double the effectiveness of your training? Hundreds of studies in cognitive and educational psychology have demonstrated that spacing out repeated encounters with the material over time produces superior long-term learning. What if you had an app in your natural workflow that allowed you to assign training to your team that can then be reinforced, monitored, and motivated with spaced repetition?

BrainBot, our intelligent, AI-based chatbot sends short, periodic communications to help you retain knowledge from selected Bigger Brains and other training courses. BrainBot removes obstacles to learning by working with your people inside the same tools they use every day. By communicating through email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook, BrainBot eliminates the need for users to interrupt their day and log in to another system. BrainBot delivers the information you need, right when you need it, for maximum productivity.

We’re having a FREE Webinar, August 19th (11:00 AM Eastern Time) to demonstrate BrainBot in action inside Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has become the ubiquitous business platform for millions of users and companies. By combining collaboration, meetings, and file sharing all in one app, business professionals can accomplish most of their daily activities all from inside Microsoft Teams – except for learning & development (until now).

Bigger Brains is proud to announce two new L&D apps that work inside Microsoft Teams to allow users to:

• Take eLearning courses
• Receive post-training reinforcement over time
• Take assessments after training events
• Plus provide progress and scoring reports for managers

Register in advance HERE and join us for a look at how Learning & Development can work inside Microsoft Teams!

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