5 New and Improved Features Added to PowerPoint 365 & PowerPoint 2021

In most cases, Microsoft 365 applications offer more features than Microsoft 2021 applications. Thankfully, the current PowerPoint 365 and PowerPoint 2021 software have helpful features that users can find across both versions. Here are the top 5 new features added to PowerPoint 365 and PowerPoint 2021.

Sketched Outline

Most people are familiar with the fact that PowerPoint allows users to customize the outside border of a text box, shape, or SmartArt graphic. One new feature that Microsoft has implemented within PowerPoint is Sketched outlines! To activate this new feature, simply go to the Shape Format tab, click Shape Outline, and then select Sketched. This new customization allows users to implement a personalized feel to their presentations.

A laptop and screen showing a PowerPoint 365 or PowerPoint 2021 slideshow.

Hex Colors

In the past, users have been limited to using RBG values or preset color options when customizing colors in PowerPoint. Thanks to the updates in PowerPoint 365 and 2021, users now have the opportunity to enter Hex color values. This makes it convenient to create a unified PowerPoint in line with your company branding documents! Now you won’t have to worry about converting from a Hex to a RBG. Instead, you can quickly add colors and continue your creative process!

Stock Library

One of the benefits of creating a slideshow within PowerPoint is that you can access royalty-free images, icons, illustrations, videos, and more! With thousands of media options, this new feature is a time and money saver for users everywhere. To find these royalty-free media options, click on the Insert tab, select Pictures, and then choose Stock Images. This will allow users to choose stickers, cartoon/cutout people, images, or icons to add to their presentation.

A person making notes on a printed PowerPoint 365 or PowerPoint 2021 slideshow.

Link to Slide

When working collaboratively on a slide show, it can be beneficial to point someone directly to the slide they need to work on. This is now possible with the Link to this Slide feature! To use this new feature, right-click on the slide you would like to share the link to and select Link to this Slide. This will allow you to choose if the receiver can edit the slide or if they are only able to view it. Once you have generated the link, you can send it out and share it with your team!

Record Slide Show

While recording a slide show may not be a new feature, it has been updated! With people working remotely or through a hybrid system, it can be hard to have everyone meet in person simultaneously. This can complicate meetings when the presenter is only able to meet remotely. Thankfully, the Record feature has been updated to improve the experience of presenting remotely.

These top 5 new features are great ways to increase engagement within your PowerPoint presentations. To learn more about new features that users can utilize, check out the Bigger Brains courses Mastering PowerPoint 365 Beginner (2022) and Mastering PowerPoint 2021 Beginner. Bigger Brains is always focused on providing updated and relevant content.

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