Storytelling in Business

How can storytelling improve your presentations and help you connect with your clients? Today’s Back to Business School tip is about the powerful communication tool of Storytelling in Business.

Why use Storytelling in Business?

Storytelling is a powerful tool you can use to improve presentations, share a vision, sell products, and connect with customers and colleagues. To put it simply, stories link people. Using an engaging anecdote makes abstract ideas concrete, captivates your audience, and can emotionally connect your listener to your product or service. Anyone in business or sales can benefit from this course!

Using stories to understand your customers

The key to using story-telling to connect with your customers is to drop your sales pitch. Use story-telling to be human and authentic and relate to your clients. According to psychologist Jerome Bruner, information presented in the form of a story is twenty-two times more memorable than just facts. If you want your clients to remember your company, tell them an engaging story.

Tell an Engaging Story

Want to learn how to tell an engaging story to your customers? Come listen to the experts! Kelly Vandever is a leadership and communications expert who helps leaders and organizations thrive. She is also a past President of the National Speakers Association, Georgia Chapter. Andy Offutt Irwin is one of the most sought-after performing storytellers in the United States. His numerous awards include Storytelling World awards in 2015, the 2013 National Storytelling Network’s ORACLE Circle of Excellence Award, and the 2001 Sammy Clark Award for Exemplary Teaching and Service from Emory University. Check out one of our most fun courses, Storytelling for Business, and learn to captivate any listener!


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