Prospecting Tips: Keeping Track Makes the Sale

No one likes prospecting—it takes a lot of time, no one calls you back, and when you do talk to someone the No’s come at you faster than you can think. Yet when we don’t consistently prospect, we end up with an empty pipeline. 

Here’s what works: Prospect every day and track it.  

Prospect daily

We all like checking things off our list. Set a goal for how many prospecting calls you will make each day and stick to your plan. Tracking can be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet where you enter the number of prospecting calls you made each day. 

As you track your prospecting, you will notice a few things start to change: 

  • Prospecting will become a daily habit. 
  • Prospecting will get easier—if you do it every day you can only get better! 
  • You pipeline will level out—no more ups and downs of sales. 
  • Your business will grow. 

Prospect Then Prioritize 

After you’ve put in the work to prospect daily, make the most of your time by prioritizing the right leads. This ensures that you’re dedicating your energy to the right prospects: those who are willing to schedule the next time you’ll be in touch. Each time you speak with a future buyer, your goal should be to schedule your next appointment, prospects included! 

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