World Distance Learning Day

Today is world distance learning day, but what does that mean? In short, it means that today is a day dedicated to the history and advancements of distance learning throughout history! Distance learning is much more common nowadays, but where did it begin?

A woman distance learning in her home

The History of Distance Learning

Though most people associate distance learning with digital learning, it didn’t start that way. In 1728 a man named Caleb Phillips bought an ad in the paper promoting his teachings on a new shorthand method. This ad stated that he would deliver lessons via mail every week.

In 1840 a man named Sir Issac Pitman took Caleb’s idea further. Pitman was also teaching shorthand via mail, but instead of only him sending lessons, he would have his students send postcards back with their attempts. Issac Pitman would then correct the student’s attempts and mail them back.

By the 1960s, The Open University had started offering alternative learning methods based on the newfound distance learning mindset. And by 1984, the first completely online course was available. In 2020 more students than ever before relied on distance learning because of school closures.

A woman distance learning in her home

Distance Learning Now

Distance learning is something that everyone has had a run-in with at some point in their lives. Whether you took online classes during the pandemic, or you’ve watched training videos for your job, distance learning is something that has impacted many lives for many years.

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