New Manager Starter Kit

New Manager Starter Kit

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Carla Turner & Alexa Botelho

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English, Spanish

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Handout, Knowledge Check, High-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging™” Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

Learn how to apply the best practices of exemplary leadership  

Making the jump from employee to manager is both exciting and challenging. The skills that got you the job aren’t the same skills that will help you succeed in management. It’s time to focus on developing the skills to communicate as a leader and influence employees in a way that empowers and motivates them.  

This course follows the story of a new manager, Aaron, as he learns to lead in a way that brings his team together to accomplish their goals. The New Manager Starter Kit gathers best practices for leadership skills, power, and goal setting. Are you ready to be an exemplary leader? 

With eight lessons that include both instruction and vignettes, you will watch as Aaron faces the challenges of moving from team member to manager. He must learn to lead by example, work together with his employees to set goals, and enable his team to succeed. How will the team deal with inventory problems and relationship issues with vendors? Will Aaron, Tish, Randall, and Keith come together to create a team in which they all feel valued? 


Topics covered include: 

  • Explaining the skills needed to be a successful manager 
  • Setting SMART goals 
  • Comparing and contrasting positional power vs. personal power 
  • Identifying methods for increasing trust using the Transactional Trust Model 
  • Discussing how personal values affect decisions and actions in the workplace 
  • Identifying the importance of challenging a process 
  • Applying the 5 Whys to identify the root cause of a problem \
  • Listing resources and activities that aid employees to perform their jobs 
  • Explaining when training may be a better approach than direction 


Almost 50 minutes of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! A handout, optional assessments, and post-training knowledge boosters are also included in this course. 

Course Contents:

# Section # Lesson Length
1 Getting Started 1 Exploring the New Manager Skill Set 4:56
2 Setting SMART Goals 7:56
3 Understanding Leadership and Power 5:02
2 Five Best Practices 4 Five Best Practices: Model the Way 6:05
5 Five Best Practices: Inspire a Shared Vision 5:36
6 Five Best Practices: Challenge the Process 7:11
7 Five Best Practices: Enable Others to Act 4:32
8 Five Best Practices: Encourage the Heart 7:41

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