What’s New in PowerPoint 2019?

What's New in PowerPoint 2019?

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Kelly Vandever

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Impress your peers with the latest and greatest features of PowerPoint 2019


Microsoft’s latest release of PowerPoint 2019 packs quite a punch. With 3D models and vector graphics, your presentations can be more professional and visually pleasing than ever before. The new Morph transition and Zoom features can turn a boring slideshow into a guided tour. Updates to the recording features make it easier to create and share recorded presentations. With added features for Translation, Dictation, and Accessibility, PowerPoint is now a tool for everyone.


Topics covered include:

  • Using the Morph transition
  • Inserting and modifying 3D models and vector graphics
  • Using the latest in digital ink
  • Adding the Zoom feature to your presentations
  • Using the latest in recording features
  • Recording presentations for sharing
  • Translating and dictating
  • Updating presentations for Accessibility

Over an hour of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging” TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

Course Contents:

# Lesson Length
1 Morph Transition 5:55
2 3D Models 6:58
3 Vector Graphics 5:06
4 Updated Inking Part I 8:59
5 Updated Inking Part II 4:37
6 Several Small Updates 7:00
7 Zoom 8:17
8 Recording Part I 7:33
9 Recording Part II 7:19
10 Translation and Dictation 4:19
11 Accessibility 4:02

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