Donna Grindle

Area of Expertise

HIPAA and Cybersecurity
BS Computer Science – Tift College Mercer University
Donna’s Podcast: Help Me With HIPAA
Donna Grindle is a speaker, podcaster, consultant, and advisor who helps businesses of all shapes and sizes build and manage effective information privacy and security programs. Before starting her company, Kardon, in 1999, Donna was Vice President of a medical practice management software firm where she got her start in the late 80s writing software for electronic claims submissions. After a successful career helping develop and support a wide variety of software for clients, she also ran her own Managed IT Service and Consulting company that specialized in healthcare IT.

Donna now uses her over 30 years of experience to help businesses protect the privacy and security of their confidential information. She also shares that knowledge in her weekly podcast, Help Me With HIPAA, where HIPAA and humor collide to make learning fun.



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