Win eLearning For Your Company!

(And help us choose topics for our new “Millennial Managers” training library)

The Bigger Brains production team has partnered again with Alchemy comedy to begin work on a new library of eLearning leadership courses.  These are being created “by millennials, for millennials”, specifically for younger managers in their first leadership roles.

Our previous collaborations with Alchemy have yielded some of our best  courses and videos, including the “Windows XP end-of-life” video used at Microsoft events around the world, as well as several titles in our  Mastering Microsoft Office library which won eLearning magazine’s “Best IT Skills Training” for 2016.

We value your input!  What topics would you like to see us cover?  What skills in leadership, coaching, and general management do new managers in your organization need the most?

Suggest your topics below, and just for submitting we will enter you in a drawing to win a free Bigger Brains eLearning library for your entire organization!

Management Topic Survey 2017

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Note: Your course topics are more likely to be produced  when:

  • They are broadly applicable to multiple companies, i.e. “How to coach reluctant team members” not “How to put up with Steve”.

  • They can be taught in a short, interactive video-based course of approximately 30 to 45 minutes. (So “Effective Delegation Techniques” is good, “Everything you need to know about management” probably not so much)

  • The topic is unique and reflective of real-world situations that can affect a team’s productivtiy (e.g. “How to coach a team member with hygiene issues” might be good, “How to organize the best office parties”, while possibly real-world, would not be considered a productivity-booster except possibly by Dunder-Mifflin).


Contest Rules: All entries must be received by July 30, 2017.  Limit 10 entries per organization.  All entrants will receive a discount voucher for Bigger Brains training.  Entrants whose topic is produced as an eLearning course by Bigger Brains before May 30, 2019 will be entered into a drawing with any other entrants who suggested the same or a highly similar topic.  One winner will be randomly selected on May 30, June 30, and July 31 2017 from all entries received to that date.  Each winner will be awarded 12 months free use of any single Bigger Brains eLearning course or 90 days use of the entire Bigger Brains library.  Award can be delivered as a SCORM-format course for unlimited users within the winning organization’s LMS, or 50 logins for the Bigger Brains web-based course content. 

All entries are the property of TripleTech, LLC dba Bigger Brains, with the sole compensation for submission as described above.  Void where prohibited.  Applicable taxes (if any) are the responsibility of the winner. Live long and prosper. 


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