Blind Spots: Diversity & Ethics

Blind Spots: Diversity & Ethics

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Rebecca Heiss

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Is your biology working against you?


This course will help you understand how our minds create blind spots and subconscious bias, and teach you how to evaluate the subconscious drivers that lead to ethical breakdowns.


After taking this course, you will be able to apply your knowledge of blind spots in two important areas of business:



  • Identify the roots of subconscious bias
  • Evaluate the relative importance of equity in the workplace
  • Analyze fears associated with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Recognize implicit blind spots on a personal and organizational scale
  • Evaluate how companies fare when they ignore diversity blind spots



  • Evaluate the subconscious drivers that lead to ethical breakdowns
  • Create a road map to keep blind spots in check to minimize the opportunity for ethical


  • Remember the ABCs (Awareness, Breath, Choices/Consequences)
  • Evaluate ways to move from survive to thrive mindset
  • Understand how reliance on the subconscious can lead to ineffective or unethical decision



By understanding the science behind our subconscious bias, you will be better able to adjust and overcome your blind spots to thrive in business.

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Course Contents:

# Lesson Duration
1 Introduction 10:57
2 Diversity 9:28
3 Ethics 12:09

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