Secrets of the Office Guru (2019)

Secrets of the Office Guru (2019)

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Christina Tankersley, Barbara Evers, Kelly Vandever

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High-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging™” Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

This is the course that’s chock-full of practical, productivity-boosting tips and tricks that will turn experienced Microsoft Office users into gurus Question: What can savvy Microsoft Office users do to improve their skills without combing through hours of information they already know?Answer: Take this course. We asked some of the world’s Office experts to divulge their best-kept secrets to create a course that will deliver the most useful information to experienced Microsoft Office users. Think you’re a Microsoft Office expert? Test your knowledge in these 43 short modules highlighting the most useful aspects from our Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Power-Up PowerPoint courses.  Topics covered include:

  • Making Word documents that have a more polished, professional look
  • Learning best practices for managing cells in Word
  • Mastering Excel’s data sorting and filtering tools
  • Editing pictures and using animations in PowerPoint

Note: These modules are highlights from our Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Power Up PowerPoint courses. For a more in-depth look at any features covered here, be sure to check out those courses. Six hours of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging” TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

Course Contents:

# Lesson Length
1 Word: Text Selection and Mini Toolbar 6:14
2 Word: Create a Template 5:56
3 Word: WordArt and Text Effects 4:36
4 Word: Apply Document Themes 5:08
5 Word: Intro to Styles 8:25
6 Word: Text Styles 12:09
7 Word: Modifying a Table 7:52
8 Word: Inserting Images 8:38
9 Word: SmartArt 6:21
10 Excel: The Quick Access Toolbar 4:27
11 Excel: Use Proofing and Research Tools 11:21
12 Excel: Cell Data and Data Types 12:40
13 Excel: Create and Modify Tables 8:15
14 Excel: Manipulating Table Data 3:50
15 Excel: Sorting Data 5:34
16 Excel: Filtering Data 9:18
17 Excel: Modifying and Formatting Charts 9:38
18 Excel: Page Layout 11:53
19 Excel: Data Tables 6:32
20 Excel: Goal Seek 2:42
21 Excel: New Charts and Image Options 12:54
22 PowerPoint: Arranging Slides 6:49
23 PowerPoint: Edit Pictures 11:55
24 PowerPoint: Animate Objects 13:42
25 PowerPoint: Customize Animations 12:38
26 PowerPoint: Animation with a Bookmark 3:58
27 PowerPoint: SmartArt 4:52
28 PowerPoint: Insert Images 8:23
29 PowerPoint: Picture Styles 6:02
30 OneNote: Intro to OneNote 8:51
31 OneNote: Outlook and Word Integration 12:44
32 OneNote: Sharing Notebooks 8:49
33 OneNote: Cloud Sharing History 10:39
34 OneNote: Automatic Message Content 10:25
35 OneNote: Track Messages 7:09
36 OneNote: Recall and Resend 5:21
37 OneNote: Folders 4:27
38 OneNote: Scheduling Meetings, Part 1 11:29
39 OneNote: Scheduling Meetings, Part 2 9:54
40 OneNote: Modify Message Options 9:16
41 OneNote: Advanced Calendar Options 6:36
42 OneNote: Using Automatic Replies 5:50
43 OneNote: Assign and Manage Tasks 10:37

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