We Search The World Over For The Finest Experts And Presenters On Each Course Topic, And Work With Them To Develop A Meticulous Lesson Plan That Will Maximize The Benefit You Gain From Each Class

Each course instructor offers profound knowledge and insight in a format that puts you in an active learning mode, and of course, since it is a recorded course, you can rewind and review any portion of a course, whenever you want.  Finally, courses that are not only on the subjects that you actually need to master, but they are taught in a way that is interesting, fun, and directly applicable to what you do every day. You are in control of your learning, and the benefits are immediate, and lasting.

The Bigger Brain Courses Inspire And Empower You To Use What You Learn To Accelerate Your Career

Bigger Brains courses present information in a format that is easy to understand, yet comprehensive enough to give you skills that immediately change the way you do things in ways that increase your abilities and empower you to get more done.

We Have The Luxury Of Being Able to Select Instructors — Not From A Faculty Pool At A University, But From The World Over — The Result Is That You Have The Some Of The World’s Finest Instructors Providing Carefully Crafted Lessons, Available To You Any Time

We selected Bigger Brains instructors based on:

  • Their mastery of the topic or subject matter
  • Award – winning teaching
  • Their influence and reputation as an industry or subject expert
  • Their ability to create and deliver a masterful course that maximizes the “information transfer” from their brain to yours, so that you grasp, retain, and apply what you learn

You can be the beneficiary of our collaboration with the finest instructors, carefully selected based on their ability to effectively teach each topic, presented in a way to give you a uniquely engaging learning experience.

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