ardr buildingWe’re Building A School in Rwanda!


Bigger Brains is committed to providing the world’s best eLearning courses, but we don’t want to stop there.  We believe that a quality education is the key to a better world, and therefore we are committed to donating a portion of our revenues to charities which are focused on improving education.

For September and October 2016 we are donating a portion of all of our revenues to help ARDR build a school building and health clinic to support 380 students in rural Rwanda, and to help sponsor 51 children in the ARDR program.

The Need:

50% of Rwanda’s population is children, and most of them do not attend school, instead spending a large portion of their day pumping and carrying water, gathering fire, and cooking meals for their families.

ARDR worked with local authorities and initiated a program in 2011 to provide education and healthcare to those children most in need. This allowed children without any means to attend a simple one-room school, and provided them with medical insurance to cover any illness or injury.

ARDR’s next goal is to provide a more comprehensive school building that contains a health clinic and is closer to where they live. These orphans live in extremely isolated sections of Rwamagana, Rwanda. Currently, they have to walk an average of 6 miles (one-way) to get to the nearest school or to get treatment at a health clinic when they are sick. Their commute is long and unsafe, as they have to cross busy roads with no lights or crosswalks once they get closer into town, and accidents are common.



ARDR and Bigger Brains have had a longstanding relationship.  In 2008 and 2009 Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains visited ARDR in Rwanda (pictured above) and assisted with financial support and donated computer equipment.  We are happy to continue our relationship with ARDR through their American affiliate, ARDR allies – you can read more about the mission of ARDR and the work being done at

A portion of all sales of eLearning subscriptions and off-the-shelf courses in SCORM format (annual or perpetual licenses) will go towards helping ARDR fulfill their goal of creating a school building and clinic in Rwamagana, Rwanda.