The Productivity Team

The people who bring you the best training

Chip Reaves

Head Brain

Founder & President

Prabaharan Sachin

Head of Yes, We Can Do That

DevOps Manager & Distribution Coordinator

Melanie Haeri

Woman of the World

Localization Manager

Kathy Jones

Curator of Substance

Content Manager

Bethany Hacker

Publicity Hound

Marketing Manager & Partner Coodinator

Alexandria Bagwell

Production (and plant) Whisperer

Production Coordinator

Caitlin Noblin

Publicity Puppy

Marketing and Production Assistant

Maren Reaves

Construction Worker

Content Specialist

Aaron Bauer

Head Slicer

Lead Editor

Nancy Williams

The Closer

Channel Sales Manager

Meg Reaves

The Eavesdropper

Audio Editor and Studio Manager

Destiny Macon

The Fastest Eye in the Upstate

Video Editor

June Peterson

Connector of Dots

Content Specialist

Markel Samuel

The Distribution Serf

DevOps Intern

Bonnie Leikam

Learned Scribe

Lead Transcript Editor




VP (Vice-Pup) of Security

Kelly Flynn

Instructional Investigator

Content Assistant

Christian Didier Ntirushwa

Traducteur Français

French Translator

Nelson Mukiza

Kenya Expert

Transcript Editor & Kenya Coordinator

Alex Tchirakov

Portal Keeper

eCommerce Developer

Julianne DiCicco


Transcript Editor

Lydia Bauer

Fastest Hands in the South East!


Camden Peterson

Eager Learner

Video Editor Intern


DevOps Hand

DevOps Admin Assistant

Kristen Golson

Handout Czar

Content Assistant


Traductora de Español Uno

Spanish Translator



Chinese Translator


Traductora de Español Dos

Spanish Translator


Traductora de Español Tres

Spanish Translator


Traductora de Español Uno

Spanish Translator

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