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AI Business Essentials Part 1: ChatGPT

Learn how to use today’s revolutionary new AI technology to be more productive in the workplace

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way the world does business. Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are an important part of this technological revolution.   Knowing how to best make use of these resources can be challenging.   In this course, technology expert Chip Reaves will teach you how to navigate ChatGPT efficiently and effectively. He’ll also provide tips and techniques so that you can be more productive with ChatGPT and other AI tools. You’ll learn how to design effective prompts such as Chain of Thought and Role Play prompts.  In addition, Chip will teach you how to leverage AI for specific workplace applications including content creation, research, customer service, translation, and software development! 


Topics covered include: 

  • Defining key terms  
  • Differentiating between AI and AGI  
  • Discussing the development of AI and LLMs 
  • Setting up a new account in ChatGPT 
  • Navigating the interface 
  • Managing chats 
  • Discussing privacy and IP risks 
  • Utilizing ChatGPT in specific workplace applications  
  • Designing effective prompts  
  • Identifying potential weaknesses such as hallucinations and current information 
  • Adapting a result to a specific audience 
  • Working with plugins and other LLMs, including Bing Chat, Bard, and Claude 
  • Identifying additional resources to grow your skills using AI 


Increase your knowledge of ChatGPT today so that you can use it efficiently and effectively in your professional career! 


Enjoy high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

Course Contents:

#  Lesson  Length 
1  Introduction  3:08 
2  ChatGPT and LLMs   6:10 
3  Getting Started with ChatGPT, Part 1   6:37 
4  Getting Started with ChatGPT, Part 2   7:59 
5  Terms and Risks   9:47 
6  Prompt Engineering Basics  9:54 
7  Using Style and Tone Prompts for Content Creation   8:37 
8  Using ChatGPT for Research and Analysis   8:27 
9  Using Role Playing Prompts for Customer Service   6:23 
10  Using ChatGPT for Translation   4:15 
11  Using Interviewer Prompts with Software Development   8:06 
12  Advanced Prompt Engineering   9:34 
13  Plugins, Bing Chat, and other LLMs   7:35 
14  Conclusion and the Future   4:18 

Course details

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