Microsoft To Do Essentials (2020)

Microsoft To Do Essentials (2020)

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Chip Reaves

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Focus your day on what’s important with Microsoft 365’s To Do App. 


Microsoft’s To Do app is a simple tool with big benefits. Accessible from your phone, tablet, desktop app, or browser, To Do lets you organize your tasks into multiple lists. Use the My Day feature to focus your attention on what you need to get done daily. You can also share lists with others to collaborate or integrate with other Microsoft apps like Outlook and Planner. 

In this course, Microsoft 365 expert Chip Reaves tells you why To Do is one of his favorite apps as he uncovers all the power and features of Microsoft To Do, and how it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps. 


Topics covered include: 

  • Navigating the To Do app 
  • Adding and completing tasks on your To Do lists 
  • Editing details like due date, notes, and steps  
  • Creating multiple lists to categorize your tasks and moving tasks between lists 
  • Creating shared lists to collaborate with others  
  • Integrating with Outlook  
  • Integrating with Planner 
  • Using My Day to organize your tasks into a plan  
  • Customizing To Do using emojis, themes, sorting, and To Do settings 


Enjoy an hour of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!  

Course Contents:

Section # Section Name # Lesson Length
1 Getting Started 1 Introduction 1:49
2 Working with Tasks 8:55
3 Creating Lists 6:31
4 Sharing Lists 7:03
2 Integrating and Customizing 5 Integrating with Outlook, Part 1 8:17
6 Integrating with Outlook, Part 2 3:33
7 Integrating with Planner 6:47
8 Using My Day 6:42

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