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Brain Bites – Cyber Security Awareness: Real Stories

Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from the schemes of cybercriminals.

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From phishing expeditions to ransomware, cybercriminals employ many different strategies to deceive you and steal your information. In this course, we’ll share real stories of specific attacks to illustrate and explain the modern threat landscape. You’ll learn how to identify key characteristics of scams, whether they are from emails, pop ups, or fake support calls, so you can prepare yourself against such threats.  


Because it’s necessary to stay vigilant, stay aware, and protect yourself, you’ll also learn steps for individuals to take to secure their data at home and strategies business owners or managers can put in place to help reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident in the workplace.  


Topics covered include: 

  • Identifying cybercriminal groups and how they operate  
  • Describing the risks posed by third-party vendors  
  • Identifying strategies cybercriminals use to access your information  
  • Listing tips to avoid fake help scams 
  • Listing specific, practical steps you can do to protect and guard against cybersecurity incidents  
  • Explaining why you should inventory all your digital assets  
  • Listing steps individuals can take to secure data at home and at work  
  • Identifying the elements of strong passwords  
  • Explaining the elements of MFA or token-based authenticators  


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Course Contents:

#  Lesson  Length 
1  Introduction  1:11 
2  Ransomware  6:54 
3  Phishing   7:29 
4  Fake Support Stories   6:51 
5  Protect Yourself – Business Owner / Management   7:19 
6  Protect Yourself – Every Day for Everyone   7:10 

Course details

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