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6 months ago
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Brain Bites – Business Accounting Basics, Part 2 – New Course Announcement

Business Accounting Basics

Are you ready to dive deeper into business accounting? Bigger Brains is thrilled to announce the launch of Brain Bites – Business Accounting Basics Part 2, a comprehensive course designed to unravel the complexities of business financials. This course is your gateway to mastering accounting fundamentals, a critical skill set in today’s business world.

In this course, you will explore the intricate relationship between the Accounting Equation and balance sheets, a cornerstone of financial understanding. You’ll delve into double-entry bookkeeping, grasping key terms that form the accounting language. As you progress, the course demystifies the concept of regular debit and credit balance accounts, laying a clear path to comprehending different balances. The journey continues as you identify and understand the three main components of the balance sheet, empowering you to read and interpret these financial statements confidently. Moreover, using Debits and Credits on balance sheet accounts will no longer be a puzzle as you learn to apply these fundamental concepts effectively.

But that’s not all. You’ll learn to differentiate between fixed and intangible assets, enhancing your asset management skills. The course also guides you through reading and interpreting income statements and statements of cash flows. You’ll examine how an income statement reflects an organization’s success and differentiate among the recorded cash flow types. By the end of Brain Bites – Business Accounting Basics, Part 2, you will be adept at reading these crucial financial documents and understanding the story they tell about a business’s financial health and operational efficiency. Join us on this enlightening journey to elevate your accounting acumen and add a valuable skill to your professional toolkit.

Watch the course sample below!

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