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Microlearning Platform: Mini Courses Online

Mini training courses for you & your team members through our eLearning platform

Are you an individual looking to improve your understanding and use of certain aspects of Microsoft Office software? Perhaps you operate a business and are looking to improve your employees’ workplace skills? Whatever angle you are coming from, you’ll find Bigger Brains’ microlearning platform could be the perfect solution for helping you to achieve your goals.

Our mini online courses are ideal for students of all skill levels, whether we are talking office newbies or experienced workers. Microlearning is a highly effective and enjoyable way of teaching students new skills.

Unlocking the true potential of Microsoft Office 365

The most commonly used software throughout industry globally is Microsoft Office. Its Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word programs are the foundations upon which many businesses operate, and yet so many people are only aware of the basics of these truly versatile tools. Bigger Brains’ mini courses are designed to familiarise students with the special aspects of these programs that take business processes to the next level.

How Bigger Brains’ mini online courses differ

There are two problems with most online learning tools. One is that they are often too general, and the other is that the teaching methods are painfully boring. Bigger Brains’ micro-courses are a new approach to teaching.

All of our mini online courses have been designed using a combination of video, animation, and a subtle hint of humour. Using techniques gleaned from television, movies, and social media videos, modified by top-quality teachers with input from comedians, all our mini courses have the power to focus on the core subject, engage with the student, and impart knowledge in a wholly enjoyable way.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are a Silver Microsoft partner and have won eLearning awards every year from 2016 to 2020. In 2021, we were a Training Industry Watch List nominated company.

FAQ's about our Microlearning Platform: Mini Courses Online

There are over 180 courses available on our microlearning platform. You can download a full list from our website.

In addition to English, many of our courses are available with translations in Chinese, French, French Canadian, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai.

Bigger Brains Course Catalog and Pricing

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