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Sometimes the hardest part is finding the correct course level or set of courses that will fulfill your needs. Bigger Brains has tried to take some of the guesswork out of selection and offers these Course Title Standards to assist.

Title Standards For Course Titles

  • Mastering is a course which, on it’s own or with related courses, covers a topic in extensive detail. E.g. “Mastering Excel 2019 – Basics.”
  • Essentials is a course which covers a topic well, but does not claim to be comprehensive.
  • In 30 Minutes is a course designed as a quick overview of a specific topic in about 30 minutes.
  • Year in parentheses, i.e. (2020) When a year is in parentheses in a title, it indicates this is a topic which is frequently updated, and the year indicated is when this version of the course was updated. This is especially common with web-based software like Microsoft 365, Gmail, or QuickBooks Online.
  • Year not in parentheses, i.e. Mastering Access 2016 If the year is not in parentheses, it’s likely part of a specific product name. Access 2016 is a product Microsoft released in 2015, our course was released in 2017, but because the product is specifically named Access 2016 our course name includes that specific name.

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