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Writing in Plain Language

Write emails and documents that are read, understood, and acted on

$10 USD

Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

Write emails and documents that are easily read and understood 


We are overwhelmed with information today—in both our personal and business lives. When writing, it’s often better to get straight to the point. It’s important to maintain your professionalism and choose words that don’t waste your reader’s time. This course teaches you how to use plain language to get your point across while also addressing your reader’s needs.  

What do they really need to know? What do you want them to do? We’ll teach you how to think about your reader’s purpose and write for them, so they get the message and your writing does its job. 

Professional writer and editor Rebecca Schwartz will explain the benefits of using plain language that will meet the needs of your audience, and how to organize content to meet those needs. You’ll also learn how to choose the right words, and what tools are available to help you. You’ll even learn formatting techniques to help your readers identify important points. 


Topics covered include: 

  • Describing plain language 
  • Identifying the needs of your audience 
  • Understanding State-Specific Literacy 
  • Organizing your content 
  • Writing short sentences and paragraphs 
  • Choosing words wisely 
  • Formatting content to emphasize important points 
  • Using bulleted lists 


Enjoy over an hour of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

Course Contents:

# Section # Lesson Length
1 Getting Started 1 Introduction 9:21
2 Organizing Your Content 6:34
3 Writing Shorter Sentences 8:23
4 Using the Readability Tool 6:59
5 Using Active Voice 6:07
6 Choosing Your Words 4:38
2 Writing for Business 7 Writing Plain for Business 2:31
8 Using Your Audience’s Language 8:31
9 Using Emphasis 3:51
10 Writing Shorter Paragraphs 4:28
11 Using Bulleted Lists 6:30
12 Practicing 7:25

$10 USD

Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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