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Social Responsibility

Our Social Philosophy?

Give as Good as you Get!

Bigger Brains is committed to providing the world’s best eLearning courses, but we don’t want to stop there. We believe that giving back is the key to a better world, and are committed to donating a portion of our revenues to non-profit organizations focused on improving the quality of life here and abroad.

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Working on the Fresh Manna Building

God Cares is a Canadian charity which works to address health and education needs in Rwanda, Congo (DRC), and India.

Bigger Brains has helped to build and support several community projects in Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi over the past few years. Recently, our support built a kitchen for refugees in the DRC.

Fresh Manna, through God Cares in Kenya, is another project important to Bigger Brains as it encompasses an educational element. We built a building for community gatherings, church services, and other programs and events. The next step is to add English classes. Many refugees come to Kenya from neighboring countries, including DRC, Tanzania, and Burundi and most of them do not speak English. Since English is the national language of Kenya, it’s necessary for school and jobs.

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Returning Dignity, Safety, & Stability to Our Neighbors

Thousands of South Carolina Upstate Residents Live in Unsafe Homes.

Without necessary home repairs, neighbors right here in our community will be forced to seek housing elsewhere—housing they can’t afford—or face homelessness. Through home preservation, we can help tackle the affordable housing crisis by helping longtime Upstate SC residents remain in the homes they already own.

In today’s social and political climate, “affordable housing” is quite the topic of conversation. The term refers to housing—rental or owner occupied—that costs the resident less than 30% of their gross monthly income, including rent, mortgage, home maintenance, and repairs.

The populations that bear the brunt of the affordable housing shortage are, not shockingly, some of the most traditionally underserved. Senior citizens. People with disabilities. Low-income families. People experiencing a sudden hardship. These are our neighbors. Our teachers. Our parents and grandparents. They need our help.

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Bigger Brains is proud to support these organizations as well:

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