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Diversity & Inclusion Training Courses Online

Diversity and inclusion training courses for you and your team members through our eLearning platform

Ensuring your organization can support your entire workforce has never been more important. The most successful businesses are those that can support every employee in their career, making sure anybody – regardless of their race, gender, age, religion, ability, or background — can achieve their full potential.

Receiving formal inclusion training is vital for all managers to help their businesses succeed, meaning that our diversity and inclusion course is essential for you.

What will the diversity and inclusion training cover?

Our judgment-free diversity and inclusion courses will help you understand

  • Why diversity, equality and inclusion is so vital in the workplace
  • Explaining, recognising and mitigating unconscious biases
  • Understanding microaggressions and describing how to handle them
  • How to become a diversity support system in your workplace

FAQ's about our Diversity & Inclusion Training Courses Online

No! Our fully online course means you are able to fit this vital training in and around your busy life.

Firstly, it has been proven that diversity and inclusion training can not only make the workplace (and beyond) a safer, happier and more welcoming environment for marginalized employees by tackling things such as unfair hiring practices, mistreatment and harassment in the workplace, for example. Secondly, it can also enhance company culture and boost your business’ growth potential. Finally, one study has shown that boosting diversity is vital for business operations, as diverse teams have been found to make better decisions 87% of the time.


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