Improving Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) in Your Workplace

Improving Diversity and Inclusion (DEI) in Your Workplace

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Beth Ruffin

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Diversity and Inclusion is more than policies, programs, and head-counts… Learn to create more diversity in your workplace for better business results!


Did you know that employers who create equitable workspaces outpace their competitors? By respecting the unique needs, perspectives, and potential of all their team members, businesses earn trust and commitment from employees. This results in lower turnover, a more worldly outlook that generates new ideas and innovations, and more productivity overall. This course is a primer in understanding diversity and inclusion.


After taking this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand what diversity and inclusion are and how to measure them.
  • Explain why DEI matters in the workplace and in one’s personal life.
  • Understand, describe, and mitigate unconscious bias.
  • Recognize microaggressions and how to handle them.
  • Become an ally in the workplace.

Once you understand what diversity and inclusion are, you are on your way to implementing a plan for creating a more equitable workplace! High-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging™” Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

Course Contents:

#  Lesson   Length 
1  Introduction  1:24 
2  Diversity  1:58 
3  Inclusion  3:17 
4  Equity  2:36 
5  Why DEI Matters  3:26 
6  Unconscious Bias  5:57 
7  Unconscious Bias in the workplace  4:26 
8  Mitigating Unconscious Bias  5:45 
9  Recognizing Microaggressions  2:36 
10  Calling Out Microaggressions  3:30 
11  Becoming an Ally  3:46 

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