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Course NameBrazilian PortugueseChineseFrenchFrench CanadianGermanHindiSpanishThaiDubbed in Spanish
Adobe Acrobat DC EssentialsXXXXXXXX
Basic Business FinanceX
Brain Bites - Email ManagementXXX
Brain Bites - Empathy: The Key to Active ListeningX *
Brain Bites - Let Them Know You’re ListeningX *
Brain Bites - Organizing Your FilesXXXX
Brain Bites - Staying Safe OnlineXXXX
Brain Bites - Time ManagementXXXXX *
Brain Bites - Using Windows 10XXXXXXX
Competitive SellingXX
Excel for MacXXXXXXX
Excel for Project ManagementXXXXXXX
Excel in 30 Minutes - BasicXXXXXXX
Excel in 30 Minutes - IntermediateXXXXXXX
Excel: Data Analysis with Pivot TablesXXXXXXX
Mastering Access 2013: Add Controls To FormsXXXXXXX
Mastering Excel 2013: Adding HyperlinksXXXXXXX
Mastering Excel 2016X
Mastering Excel 2016 - Advanced (LO (Learning Objectives)XXXXXXX
Mastering Excel 2016 - Basic (LO)XXXXXXX
Mastering Excel 2016 - Intermediate (LO)XXXXXXX
Mastering Google DriveXXXXXXX
Mastering Microsoft Outlook 2010 - 2013XXXXXXX
Mastering Microsoft Project 2016XXXXXXX
Mastering Microsoft Teams 2020XXXXXXX
Mastering Office 365 (2019)XX
Mastering Outlook 2016X
Mastering Outlook 2016 - AdvancedX
Mastering Outlook 2016 - BasicX
Mastering Outlook 2019 - BasicX
Mastering PowerPoint 2016 - BasicXXXXXXX
Mastering Quickbooks Online (newer course available in English)XXXXXXX
Mastering Word 2013XXXXXXX
Mastering Word 2016 - BasicsXXXXXXX
Microsoft Forms EssentialsXXXXXXX
Microsoft Teams EssentialsXXXXXXXX
Microsoft To-Do Essentials (newer course available in English)XXXXXXX
New Manager Starter KitX
Office 365 Groups EssentialsX
Office 365 Planner EssentialsXXXXXXXX
OneDrive Essentials (newer course available in English)XXXXXXX
OneNote 2016XXXXXXX
Outlook Online Essentials (2020)XXXXXXXX
Power BI EssentialsX
Power Up PowerPoint (Presentation Skills) v2XXXXXXX
Project Management FundamentalsX
Sales 101: Appointment MakingX
SharePoint for Site OwnersXX*
SharePoint Online Essentials (2018)XXXXXXXX
Skype for Business EssentialsXX
Storytelling for BusinessX
Think Before You Click (Cybersecurity)X
What’s New in Excel 2019?XXXXXXX
What’s New in Outlook 2019?X
What's New in Word 2019?XXXXXXX
Windows 10 EssentialsXXXXXXX
Word 2016 - AdvancedXXXXXXX
Word 2016 - IntermediateXXXXXXX
Word in 30 MinutesXXXXXXX
X Translated Transcript Available*Available Soon

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