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Tools - Microsoft Teams App

The Teams eLearning App

another innovation developed in conjunction with the Bigger Brains Microsoft Teams training, puts Bigger Brains courses directly into your Teams screen. Available free in the Teams App store makes using Bigger Brains courses more accessible and convenient than ever. Learners can converse and collaborate on training, and administrators can assign and track courses. Learn More!

Tools - BrainBot

Not content to create just content, Bigger Brains is innovating ways online learning can be better and more convenient. BrainBot, an artificial intelligence app, is available for select courses. Developed to combat the forgetting curve that naturally occurs with training courses, it is deployed after the training and delivered regularly. The chatbot asks questions, shows videos, and sends reminders to students about what they learned. Learn more!

Content Licensing

Bigger Brains also offers a License server. Whether you use our content or content from somewhere else, keeping track of its use is essential. Our server gives you to ability and tools to do just that! Learn More!

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