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Convenient eLearning right inside Microsoft  Teams!

Bigger Brains’ library of over 180 award-winning online courses have been used by companies all around the world. Traditionally these courses are accessed through a company Learning Management System (LMS), or through a web portal. Now the entire training library is easy to access right inside Microsoft Teams through the Bigger Brains eLearning app.

Why use the app?

  • The Bigger Brains app is an excellent way to turn Microsoft Teams into a mini-Learning Management System, with an entire suite of on-demand courses that can be made available to all users or assigned to specific teams or channels.
  • Use Teams’ own features to discuss and collaborate around course topics
  • Use the unique management reporting to keep track of which courses each user has completed.

How can I use the app?

Create a tab in any chat or channel, and configure it as:

  • Single Course: direct access to any course in the Bigger Brains library
  • Full Library: a menu of all available courses so users can browse and search for what they want
  • Reporting: a special tab where users can view their progress or managers can run reports on their team

If you already have access to Bigger Brains’ training through your company LMS, your IT service provider (MSP), or from your own purchase via the GetBiggerBrains.com website, your courses are already available through the Teams app. Just follow the instructions in the app to choose the correct licensing option (or choose the Free option to view a limited number of free sample courses).


If you are new to Bigger Brains, ask your training content provider or your IT service provider about licensing information, or contact Bigger Brains at sales@bigger-brains.com.

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