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Bigger Brains improves eLearning retention

Tools - BrainBot

Have You Ever Taken A Course….

…and then realized later you can’t remember most of what you learned?

This is the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, and it’s entirely normal.

That’s where our Brain Boosters come in!

To teach our brains what information is important requires us to actually use it. If you don’t use it right away, you lose it.

normal curve

BrainBot Boosters give you opportunities to use what you learned before the knowledge dissipates.

brainbot curve

No Proprietary Apps

BrainBot Works With Learners In Their Natural Workflow.

To remove learning obstacles, BrainBot works inside the tools used every day:

No need to interrupt the day and login to another system. BrainBot delivers the information where and when you need it, for maximum productivity!

brainbot sample

BrainBot is included with many Bigger Brains courses

Our most popular courses have a prompt at the end to start the BrainBot Boosters so students can retain the information they’ve learned, even if they aren’t using it right away. It is easy to do and they get to choose how the boosters are delivered – Email, Facebook, Teams, or Slack.

Create Your Own Boosts and Lessons

Teachers and training professionals can create their own lessons and training boosters to be delivered by BrainBot.

Reinforcement Boosters consist of a scheduled series of interactions (Boosts), which can include:

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