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About Us

The BEST eLearning Publisher for Business

Friendly experts, modern technology, and a unique Teacher-Learner style, make award-winning Bigger Brains courses the first choice of learners and training professionals around the world.

About Bigger Brains

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Bigger Brains is not the largest supplier of online learning courses. We aren’t even number two. What we are is the best eLearning publisher at creating engaging, convenient, and comprehensive online business courses. We provide choices that make our eLearning courses a fit for all staff members, no matter their level of knowledge or proficiency. We concentrate on providing Microsoft apps training, like Excel in all of it’s versions, and productivity courses that are available for just-in-time training or comprehensive deep-dives. All this make us one of the most indispensable course creators in the industry.

Our Mission

We Help to Create More Productive Workplaces Through Exceptional eLearning for Businesses and Individuals.

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Our Vision

We envision a world where our online training is the first choice of both learners and managers because of its:

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Bigger Brains Always…


the latest research and techniques to create training that maximizes effectiveness and engagement.


with top teachers and subject matter experts with real-world experience to create the most realistic and comprehensive training courses possible.


with comedians, storytellers, and illustrators to make our training content more enjoyable and engaging.


new technologies to improve the accessibility, convenience, and effectiveness of our training.


with top-tier eLearning and training companies and marketplaces that distribute our content and tools.


unique training platforms and promotional tools so Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Consultants can distribute our training and enhance their business.


a work environment that fosters creativity, a balanced life-work environment, and happiness among our staff, talent, and partners.


our efforts focused on topics and areas that foster better productivity in the workplace and those that companies need to stay competitive in the world.


to the highest standards of ethical behavior in how we treat our staff, talent, partners, and customers.


our profits with local and international charities that improve the educational opportunities and quality of life for the people they serve.


We are honored to have been recognized by the industry we serve, including those that judge by customer satisfaction, expert analysis, and industry standards.  And while awards are nice, our customer’s thoughts and continued business is our highest honor. We strive to offer the best customer service with the best business skills, Microsoft, and IT training possible. Our training library is comprehensive and diverse, meeting almost any company’s needs.  We aim to be indispensable to the learning industry and to the people and staffs we serve!

Bigger Brains Course Catalog and Pricing

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