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Microsoft Office 2016 training online

Office 2016 courses for you & your team members through our eLearning platform

Microsoft Office 2016 is a diverse and useful set of programs that can be used to carry out a number of work-related tasks. You can create or edit documents containing both text and images, as well as manage spreadsheets and databases. You can also design engaging presentations and posters. Ultimately, there is very little that can’t be done using MS Office.

However, with such an array of functions and applications, it can take some practice to fully utilise the potential of MS Office 2016. To assist you in this, we have a comprehensive range of courses to guide you as you develop the necessary skills to make the best use of these programs.

About Microsoft Office 2016 training

Through our online platform, you can access a variety of courses on MS Office 2016. These courses cover the application in extensive detail, and many of the courses are available at a basic, intermediate and advanced level. This allows you to select the level that’s right for your current skillset and build a more thorough understanding of this excellent software.

We cover the following topics in our Office 2016 courses:


  • Mastering Outlook
  • Mastering Access
  • Mastering Word
  • Mastering PowerPoint
  • Mastering One Note
  • Mastering Project

FAQ's about our Microsoft Office 2016 training online

The longest course is 10 hours but shorter courses are available.

Not at all, the courses can be completed at your own pace.

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