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Manager Training Courses Online

Manager training courses for you & your team members through our eLearning platform

Managers are responsible for motivating their teams, delegating workloads and ensuring the well-being of colleagues. These elements involve a wide range of skills and knowledge that new managers need to learn to ensure they lead effectively and fairly. Our courses for new managers cover all the essential topics needed to become a well-rounded, emotionally intelligent manager, who is aware of the latest legislation in order to manage a team appropriately.

Why complete one of Bigger Brains’ new manager training courses?

Our first-time manager training provides everything you need to enhance your CV, no matter if you have a management position lined up or are an aspiring new manager. Our self-paced e-learning courses for new managers will enhance any current knowledge as well as provide everything needed to learn new skills from our expert trainers, who share extensive knowledge throughout the courses.


As well as learning about leadership, our management training for new managers will cover a range of topics, including business skills like finance, communication, management and organisational elements plus people management topics such as creating healthy workspaces. We will also cover legislation including workplace harassment, ethics and diversity.

FAQ's about our Manager Training Courses Online

Yes! We offer a wide range of courses, including Microsoft skills that provide hints and tips for efficient working across the Microsoft suite, including using calendars, templates and shortcuts.

Our training courses are assessable to anyone via our website or app.

Bigger Brains Course Catalog and Pricing

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