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Data Analysis Training Courses Online

Data Analysis training courses for you and your team members through our eLearning platform

In the business world, it is often said that data is king. But data, no matter how good or how vast, is useless without in-depth analysis. Bigger Brains’ online data analysis courses have been created to teach students how to get the best out of available data.

What you will learn in our online data training courses

Here at Bigger Brains, we have a number of specialised data analysis training courses that include things like:


  • Using Power Pivot in Excel
  • Analysing data with Pivot Table
  • Using the top 10 power functions recommended by Excel experts
  • Designing bespoke dashboards

You can also take our ‘Introduction to Data Literacy’ course and our ‘Basic Business Finance’ course, both of which are key to advanced data analysis.

All of our data analysis courses online can be taken at a speed that fits in with your busy work schedule, so there is no pressure. Upon completion of the Power Pivot in Excel and Pivot Table courses, you will be able to tabulate, summarise and present information to get the optimum results from the data under analysis.


You will study your data analysis under the guidance of a Microsoft-certified trainer, Kathy Jones.

FAQ's about our Data Analysis Training Courses Online

Anyone – businesses or individuals. All you need is access to the internet via a mobile or desktop device. There are over 180 courses to choose from, each carefully streamlined to focus on one core subject.

Yes, you can. Lessons within our courses last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes – the average being just over 7 minutes. You can take each lesson as and when it is convenient to do so and learn at your own speed.

Bigger Brains Course Catalog and Pricing

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