Brain Bites – Writing Effective Emails

Brain Bites – Writing Effective Emails

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Savvy Thompson and Luco Pierre

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English, French, Spanish

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Send emails that are read, understood, and acted on

Let’s face it, email is a fact of life, and employees find their Inbox overflowing every day. Many professionals say email creates tension, confusion, and other negative consequences in their busy workdays. This course will help you to be part of the solution by identifying ways to write better and fewer emails, which will also ensure your emails are read, understood, and acted on.


Topics covered include:

  • Determining when to send an email, and when to use another form of communication
  • Writing professional emails with six best practices
  • Listing the 4 Cs of good writing: Clear, Concise, Complete, and Correct
  • Identifying your purpose and checking that your email supports that purpose
  • Removing extra information
  • Ensuring your email includes all necessary information
  • Identifying and fixing common mistakes


Brain Bites micro-learning courses are information-rich and convey important topics with an engaging mix of video and animation. With 5-minute video lessons and 30-minute-or-less courses, Brain Bites are the perfect tool to educate today’s busy workforce.

High-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging™” Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

Course Contents:

# Lesson Length
1 When to Write an Email 4:11
2 Email Best Practices 4:10
3 Writing Clear Emails 3:54
4 Writing Concise Emails 2:59
5 Writing Complete Emails 3:55
6 Writing Correct Emails 4:09

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