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Mastering Excel 365 – Advanced (2023)

Learn many of Excel’s advanced tools for analyzing and reporting on your data


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Learn many of Excel’s advanced tools for analyzing and reporting on your data 


Being able to use Microsoft Excel skillfully is crucial for all business professionals who use, analyze, and apply data. Excel is the most popular data analysis tool in the workplace, so increasing your understanding of its advanced features is both necessary and smart. 


Excel expert Kathy Jones will show you how to make use of advanced features to summarize information, identify errors, apply conditional formatting, and find and assess information. She will also demonstrate how to best utilize available filtering and sorting techniques, including the new dynamic array functions.  Learning to use these techniques will enable you to find information you need when analyzing either large or small data sets 


Since graphs greatly enhance your reports, you’ll learn how to add trendlines to charts to add a visual element to your forecasting and how to save time by creating custom templates that can be used repeatedly. You’ll also be able to create and modify important objects such as PivotTables, macros, and graphics. 


Finally, if you’re looking to easily identify rankings or need to generate random numbers for inspections, this course will teach you how to use Excel to help you do it! 


Topics covered include: 

  • Creating, saving, and using a custom worksheet template  
  • Exploring dynamic array functions 
  • Using the LOOKUP, text, date, and database functions 
  • Using advanced filtering and sorting techniques 
  • Applying and modifying data validation for numbers, text, and date cells 
  • Using the Subtotal function and the Subtotals feature  
  • Using Data Consolidation to summarize data from multiple ranges 
  • Creating, modifying, and filtering a PivotTable 
  • Creating macros and add form controls  
  • Creating custom charts and chart templates 
  • Inserting, formatting, and modifying graphics screenshots, symbols, and 3D models 
  • Running the Accessibility Checker and addressing needed changes 
  • Protecting sheets, workbooks, and ranges 


Over four hours of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

Course Contents:

#  Lesson   Length 
1  Introduction  2:12 
2  File Types   6:49 
3  Templates   3:45 
4  Customizing the QAT   4:21 
5  Dynamic Arrays   8:17 
6  VLOOKUP   9:16 
7  XLOOKUP, Part 1  6:32 
8  XLOOKUP, Part 2   5:27 
9  MATCH, INDEX   7:55 
10  Multiple Criteria Functions   6:16 
11  Text Functions   8:41 
12  Date Functions   6:02 
13  Time Formulas   5:22 
14  Math Functions   7:50 
15  Database Functions   5:45 
16  Advanced Filtering   7:03 
17  Advanced Sorting   4:59 
18  Data Validation   6:00 
19  Data Validation Lists   8:52 
20  Data Validation Messages and Invalid Data   5:54 
21  Form Controls   5:45 
22  Subtotal Function    4:55 
23  Subtotal Feature    6:17 
24  Data Consolidation    5:55 
25  Manage PivotTables   7:30 
26  Report Filter, Slicers, and Timelines   8:59 
27  Run a Macro   6:44 
28  Customize Charts   9:40 
29  Combo Charts   5:01 
30  Trendlines   3:22 
31  Chart Templates   3:26 
32  Screenshots, Symbols, 3D Models   6:07 
33  Format Graphics, Part 1   5:49 
34  Format Graphics, Part 2   7:56 
35  Manipulate Graphic Objects   5:38 
36  Accessibility Checker   6:07 
37  Modifying Hyperlinks   6:01 
38  Protecting Sheets and Workbooks   8:01 
39  Protecting Ranges   4:35 
40  Protecting a Workbook File   8:23 
41  Digital Signatures   3:55 
42  Sheet Views   3:25 


Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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