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Mastering Excel 365 – Basics (2024)

Go beyond the basics of data entry to analyze your data and create visually appealing workbooks.


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Go beyond the basics of data entry to analyze your data and create visually appealing workbooks. 



Microsoft Excel is the most popular data analysis tool in the workplace, so using it effectively is a crucial skill for any business professional. In this course you’ll learn to make your spreadsheets easily readable and visually appealing, while including complex functions and summary reports.  Excel expert Kathy Jones will also show you how to address function errors, customize your charts, and create and use tables and PivotTables to easily manipulate and summarize your data. 


Topics covered include: 

  • Managing rows, columns, and worksheets 
  • Creating and using named ranges 
  • Adding logical and conditional functions 
  • Addressing formula errors 
  • Applying cell and number formats, including cell styles and themes 
  • Modifying charts 
  • Creating Tables and PivotTables 
  • Configuring page settings and headers/footers for printing 



Almost 3 hours of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

Course Contents:

#  Lesson   Length 
1  Introduction  1:50 
2  Open and Save a Workbook  6:12 
3  Modifying Rows and Columns, Part 1  6:10 
4  Modifying Rows and Columns, Part 2  6:55 
5  Managing Worksheets, Part 1  4:28 
6  Managing Worksheets, Part 2  8:58 
7  Using Absolute References  7:42 
8  Creating Named Ranges  7:05 
9  Using Named Ranges in Functions  6:43 
10  Working with IF Functions  8:18 
11  Working with Logical Functions  4:41 
12  Creating Functions Based on Conditions  7:00 
13  Tracing Formulas  6:21 
14  Addressing Formula Errors  9:51 
15  Aligning Cell Contents  9:17 
16  Adding Borders and Shading  8:06 
17  Applying Number and Date Formats  9:04 
18  Using Format Painter  4:46 
19  Applying Cell Styles and Themes  7:38 
20  Changing Chart Types  6:21 
21  Changing Chart Source Data  5:20 
22  Creating a Table  5:05 
23  Creating a PivotTable  6:34 
24  Setting Page Layout Options  7:35 
25  Changing Page Breaks and Scaling  9:35 
26  Configuring Headers and Footers  7:21 


Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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