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Mastering Excel 365 – Intermediate (2022)

Learn many of Excel’s tools for analyzing and sharing your data.


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Learn many of Excel’s tools for analyzing and sharing your data. 

Microsoft Excel is the most popular data analysis tool in the workplace, so using it effectively is a crucial skill for any business professional. In this course you’ll learn great tools to modify your data and refine your workbook.  Excel expert Kathy Jones will also show you how to nest functions and modify and format charts. You’ll even learn to enhance your visualizations by adding sparklines, pictures, and SmartArt. And if you need to work with others, you’ll learn some of the tools available when sharing your workbooks, including comments, hyperlinks, track changes, and share options. 

And if you need to know more about forecasting, you’ll learn how to conduct What-If analysis using Excel’s special features. 


Topics covered include: 

  • Using Flash Fill, Text to Columns, and Group Mode to work with your data 
  • Using editing features such as Find and Replace, proofing options, and research tools to refine your workbook 
  • Modifying workbook views 
  • Applying conditional formatting to text, numbers, and dates 
  • Applying custom number formatting 
  • Using nested, logical, and statistical functions 
  • Modifying and formatting charts 
  • Adding sparklines, pictures, and SmartArt 
  • Modifying Tables, PivotTables, and web queries 
  • Sharing workbooks 
  • Using tools to enhance sharing such as hyperlinks, track changes, and comments 
  • Analyzing data with Goal Seek and Data Tables 


Over three and a half hours of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style! 

Course Contents:

#  Lesson   Length 
1  Introduction  2:14 
2  Flash Fill  8:23 
3  Text to Columns  5:32 
4  Find and Replace  9:08 
5  Sort and Filter  6:09 
6  Proofing and Researching Tools  7:22 
7  Group Mode  4:08 
8  Workbook Properties  4:22 
9  Freeze and Split Windows  6:47 
10  Workbook Views  5:36 
11  Custom Views  4:47 
12  Custom Number Formats  9:33 
13  Conditional Formatting for Text and Dates  4:40 
14  Comparative Analysis with Conditional Formatting  5:02 
15  Customizing Conditional Formatting  7:55 
16  Functions in Conditional Formatting  4:59 
17  Nested Functions  9:37 
18  Logical Functions  5:28 
19  Statistical Functions  7:36 
20  Chart Elements  9:14 
21  Chart Formats  7:36 
22  Sparklines  2:15 
23  Graphics  3:14 
24  SmartArt  4:00 
25  Creating Tables  4:25 
26  Table Styles  4:22 
27  Summarizing Data in Tables  4:36 
28  Managing PivotTables  8:43 
29  Web Queries  3:17 
30  Hyperlinks  5:09 
31  Compare and Merge  4:01 
32  Track Changes  5:53 
33  Share a Workbook  4:21 
34  Comments  8:44 
35  Goal Seek  5:30 
36  Forecasting with Data Tables  5:44 
37  Analyze Data Tool  2:27 


Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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